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tara pakosta

what a beautiful story amanda.
and what great photos of mikki!
your mom sounds wonderfuL!


How can you think your story is boring?!! It is the sweetest journaling - very touching! And awesome pics! Celine


Are you sure you are in Maine? Look more like France to me. ;) Wonderful photo, great comp and PP.


Beautiful pictures, and I am so inspired by your awesome outlook on life!


That was an awesome story! It brought tears to my eyes, I can relate in a small way. My parents never divorced but we didn't have much of anything when I was growing up. However, I was oblivious to how little we actually did have because my mom worked SO HARD to make everything into something fun. We did the "warm up dance" too in the winter, we had a wood burning stove and we had to ration our firewood during the really cold months. I had a LOT of hand-me-down and homemade clothing but I loved every stitch. I think it has made me appreciate the little things all the more now that I have kids of my own, don't you?


Beautiful shots, and I am so inspired by your awesome outlook on life!

Kari Layland

Beautiful post, and beautiful photographs!


Such a touching story. I'm glad I had a chance to read it. I LOVE the first photo.


Such a touching story. I'm glad I got a chance to read it. I Love the first photo.


TFS that story... I know I say this all the time but your work is inspiring! Awesome job!


thanks for sharing. 1st one is beautiful. i love the umbrella


Wow Mandy I loved reading your journaling! My DD was only 4 too, but just like you & your mom, we made it :)


I read every last word. You are a gifted storyteller.

But that picture- I am speechless.


LOVE the umbrella. Your eye is just so amazing. Love it.


That is my belief totally. If you want to be happy then be happy. Your right we have all been down a road at one time or another that was not so nice but we can always look up. The shot with the parasol is amazing.

Becky (finsup)

I loved your story! I did the freezing cold house thing a Maine winter or two myself, and I could almost feel the cold again just reading this story. My dad is a naturally sunny person like you and your mom; I don't come by it naturally but take advantage of medicinal help. ;-) Beautiful shots!


amazing quote, and thanks for sharing a bit of your story! the photos are gorgeous as always! love them!


this is such a wonderful post..tfs!!


Such heartfelt/beautiful journaling! Thank you for sharing so from your heart. That first picture has so much heart to it and of course...your dd is a gem!


The journaling to this piece is so beautiful and reflective. Not only are you insanely creative but you sound like a very resilient and strong woman. What a great role model your daughters have.Beautiful shots also!


That 1st one is just awesome!! And you are not boring!!


Amanda, you have an amazing amount of wisdom and perspective for someone your age. Your mother sounds like an incredibly amazing woman.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful story... just goes to show that our kids aren't going to remember the material things we give them but instead the moments we share with them!


That first shot is just GORGEOUS, I love everything about it!!! And I LOVED reading what you wrote, don't be thinking it was boring at all.

Before I even read what you wrote, I had written down the quote because that is pretty much what I live by. I get the 'you're always happy' and 'you always have a smile on your face, nothing must ever go wrong in your life', but oh it's not true, it's just how I choose to live. Unlike your mom, mine has always been (and still is) negative about everything, so I chose as a little girl to go the opposite direction! Anyway, thank you for the fabulous quote, it's perfect!


Your words here are wonderful...amazing! love the shots too! I really need to get into photo of the day again...I am so not motivated!

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