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Hee hee hee! SO true, so true! And it is compounded when they turn into teenagers!!


Absolutely love that last pic!! Made me smile!! :) And love that line!!


I totally see the resemblance in that last pic especially! So fair and lovely.


What sweet shots and I loved reading your journaling! Those eyes are just beautiful and the way they stand out with the green background is just amazing!


The last one os wonderful!

Heather is a genius!


LOL, yep, I too was a great mom before I had kids ;) Beautiful photos too!


Love it!!!

Becky (finsup)

Oh, me too! But I have to admit that it was the second kid that REALLY knocked me down off my high horse. I used to go around looking for a priest to perform an exorcism because I was sure that demon possession was the only explanation for her. ;-)


That is just great...I so hear it about children and mine are driving me crazy!!!! I love that last shot...she is such a doll!


oh that is soooo true!!! and man your kiddos have GORGEOUS eyes!!



HOW the heck are you? I feel like I havnt talked to you forever. I have been sosoo busy. Your pictures are just breathtaking. I hope everything is going well for you. Miss talking with you.



Beautiful shots. Oh there was so many things my kids were not going to do then I had kids. You are so right. Now when I see a mom with a screaming child in line somewhere I say a little prayer for patience and strength for her.

tara pollard pakosta

isn't that the truth? LOL!

Michelle Davies

what sweet shots. i love the innocence of them. and LOL about the comment! sounds like you two have an awesome friendship. so fun!


Oh, Mandy, that is just too funny. I can SO relate to that quote. You just made your dear friend famous in my book. Lovely photos, too! Love those curls!

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