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Gosh these are wonderful...they are so crisp...you need to give me lesson...I so feel like I am lacking lately!

jodi pfunder

oooohh, I have a fire engine... (lightbulb above the head moment)
Love these!!


Love that he is trying not to smile!! Cute little guy!


-sputtering- I love his hidden grin! That is a perfect capture- who hasn't ever felt exactly like this???


oh that is awesome!! LOVE the firetruck. You ahve such a great style with kiddos.

Becky (finsup)

The hidden grin is adorable. And wow on the bokeh in the first shot--is that with your 85mm?


Mandy, when you said fire engine, I was picturing a toy, not something this big! What a cool prop! Cute guy--I love how his eyes are smiling in that second shot.


oh i love these..they're so cute!


These are great! I love his expressions and the fire engine!

Michelle Davies

well you certainly seem to be able to connect with the kiddos you shoot! love how happy and relaxed he looks.


He is so cute, I love that truck! I missed yesterday but that picture of the boy holding his dad's hand is beautiful.


He is a DOLL! I can just see the impish sweetness oozing out of him! LOVE that uncontainable grin! TOO CUTE.


Oh he is too cute! Your firetruck is awesome.


He's so cute and love how his shirt enhances the color of his hair. And what a truck! I bet he wanted to take that home! I like your cropping in these photos.


Very good idea. He is a cutie.

tara pollard pakosta

these are totally FUN!


Beautiful! Love that second one. We had that same fire truck - just don't leave it out in the rain. It'll fade quickly!

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