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OMGosh...Maine lobster, can it get any better? YUM-O!!! What a heartfelt post and girl, you're sneaky with the secrets! I did think you were preggo, but this is just as nice. Oh, and 31 ain't too bad.


Love every bit of it. Every picture is a visual treat. And here's wishing you a wonderful, wonderful 28!!! (30 is actually not that bad either.)


I was on the stork band wagon. Well Happy Birthday to you. Looks like it was really a good day. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.


Happy birthday Mandy - looks like you had an awesome day!! Lobster and chocolate cake!! Wow!! You have a beautiful family - thanks for sharing your day with us!! :)

Michelle Davies

happy birthday! looks like you had a wonderful dinner, delish dessert and (hopefully) all around great day. you definitely do have a beautiful family. hope your 28th year is just awesome.


Happy Birthday!!

30 is pretty easy. 35 not so much. ;)


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday!!

Amy Smith

30 is easy. I've got 40 looming. Happy birthday...today is my husband's birthday too!


Happy Birthday Mandy!! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Great shots - all of them!


Happy Birthday, girl! I love your post. It's nice to see your candid shots too--they feel so comfy and familiar. Thanks for sharing them. And, I was sort of expecting you to be preggo too, but the balloon pic sort of hints at a birthday, huh? I'm over 30, and I think life just keeps getting BETTER! :)

Becky (finsup)

Happy Birthday!!!!! I bet you're getting major hits on your blog tonight to see what your surprise is.


Happy Birthday!
You do have a house full of blessings!!!
And, um, can I have a bite of that stuffed lobster???!!!


Happy Birthday girlie!! Loved reading about your awesome day. It doesn't get any better than Lobster for dinner. I need to move to Maine LOL!


Yay! What an awesome day you must be having! Happy, HAPPY birthday sweetie! (and I'm not gonna sugar coat it for ya, 30 SUCKED for me- that's what I just turned).

LOVE the bobsters! ROFL!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a good one. I love your counter btw!! i loved looking at all these pictures!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MANDY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! i hope you enjoyed my very off key singing and sorry for posting it so late.


Happy Happy Birthday!!! What a fun day filled with lots of blessings! I really enjoyed reading your heart today!


OOOH--chocolate cake and Bobster! Does it get any better?? Happy b-day, Mandy. And don't worry; 30 is nothing. I have several decades on you, and there are much more traumatic birthdays than 30.


Happy birthday! Yum, look at that cake and those lobsters! Looks like you had a great day with you family, thanks for sharing!


This makes me REALLY, REALLY want to live next door. I miss you. **sigh**


And, of course, HAPPIEST Birthday EVER!


Happy freakin' birthday! Wow, what a birthday, complete with lobster and all. two beautiful kids and a sweet husband... you are so blessed :)

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