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Oh my, I've been dying to order some of these forever!! I just don't want to take the time to get them ready to order. LOVE THEM!!!

And I've been wondering forever just who Amanda is that leaves me comments (since I know several photographers by that name), but with no profile, I never knew until today. Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments you have left me - especially today's!


Just wanted to add - isn't it funny that we both inspire each other every day? Your blog is always a visual and mental treat for me. Maybe your degree in psychology and mine in education make a good pair. We're both thinkers and we're both artists in our own ways.


I.LOVE.THEM! I really want to do some of those. Your's are just perfect. A great display of your work


Those are cool! (I wish I had a reason to get some. ;)


I lurve, lurve the mini moos! I love the one where you did three pictures! Must remember that for next time!!!

Great info on the back too...I need to come up with a tag line! Hmmmm...


those look great..i've been wanting to get these for a long time now..maybe someday soon i'll actually get them done.

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